Bar Chica

  • Branding

Bodega’s Best kept secret

Bodega has been a long-standing staple in St. Petersburg. From their refreshing, crisp frescas to their iconic Cuban sandwiches, they have been serving up the best traditional cuban-style food in the Sunshine City from their tiny little brick and mortar for years.

When Debbie and George of St. Petersburg staple Bodega approached Top Hat with their concept for a speakeasy-style cocktail lounge in the back of their newly mainstay restaurant, we jumped at the opportunity to bring the brand to life. Armed with Debbie’s vision of an escape to a chic oasis, we crafted a timeless identity around a tiny little parrot named Chica.


Hola, Chica

We created a sleek and sexy sans-serif, accompanied by jewel tones, and finished with gold foil. Chica, the parrot logomark, was created from perfect circles and 45º angles. Art Deco-inspired letter forms are made quirky and contemporary with slanted crossbars that mimic the angles in their parrot to create a perfect, unconventional, pair.

Graphical Garnishes

With the ingredients of their new brand in place, we expanded the visual language to various printed materials like coasters and menus. The wide-ranging imagery is united by cohesive geometry, anchoring it to the refined style of the brand.

Flipping Through the Layers

“Simple and clean” was the request for the menu. With a refined type palette and pops of metallic, the menu feels airy with a sophisticated presence, the perfect pairing for a lush night out in the Edge District.

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