The Various Roles a Branding Agency Plays

Yeah, yeah, I know. A branding agency should craft an identity with design, development and copy. You'll find, however, a good branding agency wears a few other hats as well.

Honest Best Friend

Colleagues, acquaintances and random people in the coffee line often don’t serve up the truth. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or get socked in the face.

Your best friend however? They’ll tell it like it is.

A good branding agency can play the honest best friend card. They’ll tell you exactly what they think in a way that doesn’t totally obliterate you. This is so important because the branding process is so critical to your success.

If you do it wrong, well, you’ll eventually need to rebrand or perish.

Sometimes the brand you say you want to create, or the values you want to represent, aren’t being presented. That’s only normal. It’s our job to tell you that and show you how to get to where you want to be.


Remember whenever video game consoles had those controllers with all the cords? Remember when those controller cords would get tangled and the entire room would be a mess? That’s no fun for anyone.

via Cave of Pixels

But there always seemed to be someone in the group who could untangle those things like a champion.

In the branding process, it can be hard to figure out who you are at the core or what you want to be. Thoughts and ideas can often get tangled beyond recognition. A good branding agency is the untangler who helps get those thoughts and ideas organized.

That means you can get to the fun more quickly.

Good Chef

Pamela and Aaron on our team amaze me. They’re both able to take ingredients that make onlookers raise an eyebrow, and prepare to order take out, and compose ridiculously delicious meals.

We all have these types of people in our lives. And if you don’t, you need to go find one.

The best branding agencies often take things you would never suspect and combine them together to create the most compelling identities. You’re curious and hesitant through parts of it, but when you smell it cooking and ultimately taste it, it’s better than you ever imagined.


Soapbox alert!

Branding agencies have to act as partners. When you have a partner in anything—life or business—they’re invested in the journey. Your stories and success are linked. Partners play to win and make the best decisions.

A branding agency has to act this way. They have to treat your success as their success. Yes, end of day, you’re two separate companies, but your journeys are linked. The devoted investment in the journey has to be there or neither party will be successful in the long run.

Shameless Plug

We’re honest best friends, detanglers and good cooks.

Need a little honesty, detangling and good food? We’re here.

New project? Question? Compliment? Let’s chat. New project? Question? Compliment? Let’s chat.