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The Capacity Charger is the most innovative mobile charging solution in the market.

We’re a generation suffering from a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re out with your friends at the local taproom, your phone dying will put a damper on your evening and even may end it prematurely. You may have your charging cord, but you’ll have to interrupt your bartender to have them plug it in behind the bar.

The innovators behind the Capacity Charger witnessed the ridiculousness of a dead phone at a bar, restaurant, conference, casino or other venue and the end-users going to great lengths to get charged.

They decided to do something about it. The Capacity Charger is a fully wireless, long-lasting solution that’s easy for a venue to hand out to their guests. It has a small digital footprint and charges up to two phones at a time. The best part? It’s fully mobile and allows the phone to continue to be used while charging.

A groundbreaking product needed a groundbreaking brand. That’s where we came in. Together we partnered with the team at Capacity Charger to develop a full brand identity, marketing assets and a compelling digital destination to send them launching with full force.

Logo Ideation

Final Logo

We designed a minimalistic, yet colorful brand that would easily lend itself to a variety of contexts. The visual identity needed to fade into the background on the product itself—to allow the customer’s branding to stand out—while making a statement in marketing pieces.

The mark itself quickly adapts to any context—whether layout, color or medium—with a simplistic design and robust color set.

The Capacity team performed a guerrilla marketing campaign at some of Pittsburgh’s most-known restaurants. In these select venues, Capacity lent several stack of the Capacity Charger for usage, beta testing and to begin to spread the word.

To further facilitate patrons requesting the charging solution, we designed minimal table-tents to be set up on tables and bar counters.


We captured the photographic essence of the Capacity Charger in one of its native environments for maximum authenticity—a pub in Pittsburgh’s South Side.


The intersection of our branding, marketing and photography efforts, we designed and developed a website. We leveraged the strong color scheme and compelling photos to create an intensely visual experience from top to bottom outlining benefits and use-cases.

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