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Letting An Amazing Product Shine

Excel4apps has long been recognized and loved by its customers for delivering a product that dramatically simplifies the workflow of finance professionals by putting real-time data in the program that they want to work in—Excel. However, their web presence was dated and had a complicated navigation structure that didn’t effectively communicate the virtues of their product.

Our thorough content outline illuminated structural deficiencies throughout the site and allowed us to build a clearer path. By creating a clear division between navigation items that are platform-specific and those that are more general, we made the site intuitive to empower users to self-educate, while making it easy for those who are familiar with Excel4apps to get right to what they need.

A robust yet simple resource management system and integrated blog allow Excel4apps to easily manage their content in one place, and complex integrations with Pardot and Salesforce were seamlessly introduced throughout the site in dynamic content fields.

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