Hobbs Tavern + Brewing Co.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Website Design & Dev.


The “Live free or Die” state takes its motto seriously. The lesser-known half of the famous phrase reads, “Death is not the worst of evils,” and proudly adorns the bar at Hobbs’ historic and beautiful space. A small town vibe full of local pride and rich history gave us ample reference material for a distinctive, functional brewery rebrand that’s not quite like we’ve ever seen before.

The cornerstone of the brand is a stylized “h” inspired by the famous opening line of the U.S. Constitution, providing the perfect foil to a system of variable-width, justified type, referencing the old-school editorial ads found throughout the space.

Split decision

A young brewery in a historic location, Hobbs’ existing brand had a penchant for wry humor, cheeky wit, and interesting dualities. Newsprint-style illustrations span the seam of the labels, activating an area typically used to tuck away government warning and legal information.

Instead, that information is on proud, purposeful display in a tidy, compact grid to further emphasize the connection to newspaper ads.

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