I.C. Light Mango

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The official beer of a Pittsburgh summer

We get our fair share of overcast days here in Pittsburgh — especially during the winter — but something magical happens in late March. The daisies begin to punch through the soil, houses on the hillside open up their windows, and distributors start carting in trays of I.C. Light Mango.

Some would say it’s a sign that summer has began. Raising a few at the beach, at PNC® Park, or out on the trail. That sweet, mango flavor was being enjoyed, but not by as many as you would think.

Although housing delicious contents, the packaging of I.C. Light Mango was lost on the shelf. Somewhat cast off as generic and bland, it was time to make the packaging as vibrant, bright, and unexpected as the liquid inside. Enter Top Hat.

“Sticking” to the concept

With this direction being a pretty extreme departure from anything that had existed with the Mango brand before, there were some surprised facial expressions around the presentation room. Once the concept cans were passed around the room, a member of the Pittsburgh Brewing team actually tried to pick the sticker logo off of the can. At that point, we knew we had ‘em.

Enjoyed by all

As the months went on after launch, we saw the bright Mango can popping up all over social media in the hands of many different demographics.


We rolled the energy and vibrance of the Mango brand into an animated 30-second spot. It aired during the 2019 Steeler season, was showcased through digital ads, and was repurposed into a plethora of graphics.


I.C. Light Mango isn’t only a great standalone beverage — it works well in beer cocktails. Bars and restaurants are beginning to spin off Mangomosas and Mangoritas. And we gave them the art to help promote that.

Print Ads

The Mango brand is as dynamic as the liquid. Whether utilizing real imagery, or riffing on illustrations, there are countless ways to exercise the visual identity across use-cases.

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