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A new chapter in a respected story

The path for I.C. Light’s older brother, Iron City Beer, was obvious — the past was destined to be the present. With I.C. Light, however, the direction wasn’t as clear due to the constant changes in identity over the course of 40-plus years.

The drinkers of I.C. Light like to play hard and take pride in their hometown sports teams. These two aspects laid the foundation from which we’d build the next chapter of I.C. Light’s entire entity.

A winning tradition with one to grow on

In Pittsburgh, we raise a lot of championship banners. They hang in PNC Park, Heinz Field, and PPG Paints Arena. The concept of raising championship banners and a few cold beers on a Friday evolved into a graphic display that would become the core element of the new I.C. Light can and logo.

Capturing those Damn #Millennials

Who do we want? Millennials. When do we want ’em? Now. Just like every other business in the world, Pittsburgh Brewing Company was looking to capture the elusive millennial. In their case, the target audience was appropriate, applicable, and achievable.

In the aftermath of our work, I.C. Light cans are showing up on Instagram and other social media platforms at an alarming rate in every form imaginable — from paired with artisanal foods, to stored in camping coolers, to raised at music festivals.

Photos by Zach Taylor (@zachpgh)

Original Illustrations by

With hundreds of different can designs over the years for various Pittsburgh Brewing product lines, it only made sense to track down one of the original artist from the glory days of the can collecting era. Ron Mahoney had done countless illustrations for Pittsburgh Brewing during the 70’s and 80’s, and it wasn’t hard to convince him to take another crack at it in 2019.

Team Collabs

We’ve teamed up with the Pirates and Penguins* to co-brand cans and packaging. Is there any better way to enjoy these teams than with limited-edition team-branded cans? We think not. That’s Pittsburgh, baby.

Photos by Zach Taylor (@zachpgh)

Drink the Right Light

If you’re in Pittsburgh and drinking any other light beer, you’re just doing it wrong. We drove the point home with a not-so-subtle stab at the competition and some scenes that only a true Yinzer could appreciate.

Price Cards

Showing Up Where We Thrive

Being a staple in the Pittsburgh scene, it’s incredibly important for I.C. Light to not only be served, but to also have an environmental presence everywhere a Yinzer turns.

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