IC’D Tea

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Pittsburgh’s Most-Iconic Collab

In one corner, you have the the sweet, summer favorite, clad in orange and pinstripes. In the other, the old school, hard-working, heritage legend, sporting a red eye.

In both corners: Top Hat clients. So we took it upon ourselves to invent and facilitate Pittsburgh’s most-iconic collab.

With a splash of brewed tea and lemon, and the bite of the most premium of lagers, a new icon was born and quickly became “The Talk of the Town.”


4-1-2 magic

IC’d Tea was released on 4/12 and was sold out everywhere by 4:12pm, marking 32,000 cases moved.

This set a Fuhrer Distribution sales record for a new brand, exceeding Voodoo Ranger’s release in the market by 20,000 cases.

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