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Corporate Sponsorship Campaigning

The Auto Show has a robust corporate sponsorship program offering various levels of exposure. A longtime friend of ours, the Auto Show brought us in to analyze and refine the messaging of their partnership efforts.

We hatched the Impact of the Pittsburgh International Auto Show campaign, a research-driven effort that quantified and presented the communications impact the event has annually. The result? One heck of a compelling message to present to potential partners.


We calculated metrics from the website, integrated advertising efforts, social media, foot traffic and public relations revealing an astonishing research-backed impression count—48,199,000 impressions.

This knock-you-off-your-seat number served as the core value proposition of the campaign. By partnering with the Auto Show, you would now know the exact impact your partnership would provide. But not only that, you would have an in-depth breakdown of your platform exposure from traditional to digital.

Logo Ideation

Final Logo

Impact of the Auto Show Logo Design

Our intention wasn’t to disassociate it from the overall brand. Rather, our goal was to give it enough wheels to drive on its own while maintaining a look and feel consistent with the Auto Show brand.

To do this, we leveraged a vibrant color from the Auto Show palette—racing red. We designed a unique and versatile mark to represent the partner program, which symbolically showcases partnership through congruent elements. Accompanying it, a matching set of handcrafted icons for the navigation bars.

Handcrafted Icons

A Supercharged Website

The website was the epicenter where everything came together. We combined our research and branding efforts to design and develop an engaging website.

To put the seat-knocker—48,199,000 impressions—into the spotlight, we crafted a counter ticking up from 0 to 48,199,000.

Check it out in the wild

Social Media Impact Report for 2017

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