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Introducing Our Brand Refresh and New Website

July 11, 2024 — In the pursuit of bettering our work, we've added a new chapter to our brand's evolution and launched a new website.

Seven years ago, we released a new brand system.

Entering the new year, it was time to take a good hard look at who we’ve become.

Here’s where we find ourselves today.

Becoming Consumable

Since launching our new brand in 2017, we’ve become one of the industry’s go-to choices for craft beer branding and web.

That expertise has brought an influx of related sectors including: Cannabis, CBD, Restaurant, SaaS, Distilling, and the general world of Packaged Goods.

To better reflect these categories we wanted to widen our color palette with some consumable tones.

To ground these, we also introduced a flat drop shadow to the primary mark, which was originally piloted by our St. Pete Art Show: All Caps.

Building a New Visual Language

A core mark and color palette are just starting points. These element need to be taken for a walk to explore the mediums they’ll be utilized on.

Websites are built on expansive context, so we treated our’s as a playground to explore how type, color, and arrangement could come together to begin building a system.

The use of pixelated type and nostalgic web elements felt right at home to communicate our service journey from design to web, as well as our non-serious take on ourselves.

We have to note the hamburger menu icon — if you know, you know.

Centering Our Mission in Value Statements

Guts Guaranteed.

This value statement has not changed.

  • We push ourselves and our work.
  • We don’t always settle for the low-hanging fruit.
  • We challenge our clients where appropriate to be disruptive and innovative.
  • We try to insure no project looks the same.

Thin Egos. Thick Skin.

Designers and design agencies can tend to develop an ego over time.

For our current culture, ego goes by the wayside. We’re here to listen to criticism and feedback without becoming defensive or difficult. And we’re here to iterate until the job is done.

At the end of the day, it’s your brand and we need to bring it to life at the intersection of your vision and our skill-set.

Simplifying the User Journey

As as site gets older, it can eventually begin to form a hall of many doors. Some of these doors become distractions from the flow you want your user to take.

Throughout the process, we simplified the user journey to be straight to the point about who we are and what we do.

We eliminated and repurposed distracting tertiary pages. Proper SEO techniques were done to make sure the hard-earned Page Authority of high-ranking pages would be maintained.

Pixel-Perfect Web Design and Speed Working Together

Although it’s always a perfect collaboration, our development department makes no efforts to stifle the efforts of our designers.

Development sat back and awaited high-fidelity designs. When we received them, the challenge shifted to bringing these to life in code while maintaining best-in-class performance.

So often, in the pursuit of fast and performing sites design takes a backseat. But it doesn’t need to, and it shouldn’t inhibit creativity. This website and our extended portfolio are proof of this.

Building Block: Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse measures speed, primarily.

It’s one metric that is used, in part, by the greater picture of a full Google Page Speed assessment.

The Gold Standard: Google Page Speed

Using Lighthouse alone as your sole indicator of performance is lazy, misleading, and foolish.

In order to understand full performance, you have to utilize a Google Page Speed assessment.

With this, you also get a complete look.

Onward in this Next Chapter

We’re excited to continue our legacy of work.

If you’re ready to continue your’s, let’s chat.

With Love,

New project? Question? Compliment? Let’s chat. New project? Question? Compliment? Let’s chat.