Jets Barbershop

  • Branding
  • Website Design & Dev.
  • Signage & Environment
  • Photography
  • Merch


With Jet’s, the goal was to create an environment that was truly different compared to other shops in the Pittsburgh area while presenting an established, almost franchised look – all while remaining local. Upscale, yet inviting. Knowledgeable, but not pretentious. Cool, but also warm. It all starts with the brand, the rest would follow suit. 

keepin’ it custom

With a nod to corporate branding of the mid-century, this brand begged for that strong, classic-cool corporate vibe. With the one-color primary J-Comb logo, and a fully custom wordmark to match, these core elements paved the way for the vibe Jet’s was after. A scalable system for many applications.

Black and white, with a splash of graffiti

Black and white never fails, we should know. This timeless approach is dappled throughout the barbershop. However, the fear of “boring” was in the back of their minds. To offset the desaturation, a hero graffiti mural was brought in behind all of the chairs, running the length of the back wall. Accompanied with the warm glow of a neon sign and flashes of the game from overhead tv mounts.  


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