Kava Culture

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better than booze

Kava Culture has built a reputation for serving up the finest all natural elixirs to combat the stressors of the day-to-day. With a vision to expand the brand and create a physical atmosphere that welcomed all, Botanical Brewing Company was conceived. The face of this new venture was their first line of canned kava and kratom beverages, Maui Mojitio and Island Breeze.

From cans to vans

With locations in Tampa, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Meyers Beach, Fort Meyers Downtown, and Port Charlotte, there was a lot of road to cover for brand awareness. In an effort to cover the most ground, we designed full-color van wraps that featured the brand’s most recognizable attributes.

Vibe Your Way

Layered throughout the cans and various printed collateral, vibrant hues paired with whimsical, botanical illustrations energize the eyes while their contents energize the mind. To support their expansion beyond the two founding flavors, we created inspirational color palettes to inform future iterations of Botanical Brewing Co’s flexible new system.

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