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A Better Way to Shave

In a crowded space, Leaf Shave is a true disrupter. Their plastic-free razor is turning the shaving industry on its head with exceptionally affordable blades, a razor with the beauty and durability to last a lifetime, and the easy-to-use, multi-blade head that used to only be possible with a disposable razor.

We delivered a new brand full of fittingly quirky visuals without ever losing focus on key messaging.

Three-blade head, built right in.
Spring-loaded pivoting action for those curves.
Perfectly-balanced handle cast from zinc and stainless steel.
A design and build that makes you go "whoa."

The Twig single-edge.
Leaf’s trusty sidekick.

*Twig Single-Edge is a small safety razor launching early next year, sign up for our newsletter below to be notified when it launches* We no longer have prototypes available.

Durable, quality blades.
Pay cents, not dollars.

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