Lord Hobo Brewing

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Will Work for Beer

The mission: to add a brewery to the impressive and ever-growing list of industries we’ve worked with. The purpose: to make some great connections in the craft beer world and work with more in the future. The plan of attack: to send out an RFP of our own offering to produce killer work in exchange for beer. The result: Dozens of RFPs from across the US and beyond with one clear winner. Lord Hobo Brewing Company is the nation’s fastest-growing regional brewery with an unbelievable culture, to boot. Oh, and did we mention that we can’t get enough of their beer?

Making Users Thirsty

Leveraging the bold, distinctive look of Lord Hobo’s cans was only half the battle—putting the liquid gold on display and placing lifestyle front and center were essential. It was an all-hands-on-deck effort with extensive video and photo work all over Boston and in the studio alike.

Brand Videography


LHBCO Beers crushed by the team

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