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Why We Love The Climbing Wall

We love The Climbing Wall. Why's that? Well, when you get a chance to go bouldering and then tell your friends about it, you feel like a frickin' rockstar.


The Climbing Wall is located on Penn Avenue and has several activities to choose from. They have an experience that anyone can try whether this is your first or 100th time climbing. If you’re looking to have some fun, but you aren’t so sure about their regular top-roping gym, then bouldering may be more your speed.

While top-roping consists of a climber wearing a harness and taking on walls of up to 30 feet, bouldering gives an unexperienced participant a chance to break into the climbing scene without the extreme heights. The Climbing Wall’s bouldering room has three tap out areas, several courses (or “problems”) to tackle and 8,000 square feet of climbing walls to cover. You won’t find yourself facing any height over 15 ft and their floors are padded for extra protection should you jump down or fall.

Easy Entry

You don’t need to have equipment either. They offer shoe and chalk bag rentals while helmets are free. If you need some extra encouragement or feel like taking on a new challenge, the Climbing Wall also offers classes, certifications and they have a number of memberships to choose from. Everything is moderately priced and will definitely give you a sense of accomplishment when you’re done – whether you attended a class or you just went with friends for an evening of climbing.

The Climbing Wall is a great place to host a party if you are looking for something different. They have opportunities that range from birthday parties, corporate events and bouldering room rental. There are also weekly specials such as Ladies Night on Wednesdays and college students along with active military members receiving a daily discount.

Yinzer Tip

  • We suggest you go on a Friday evening to meet up with friends and then reminisce about your experience over dinner. The surrounding area is saturated with great places to eat—like Noodlehead in Shadyside

There are several benefits to spending time at The Climbing Wall. It’s affordable, has opportunities for everyone and is a fun way to stay healthy.

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