Magee-Womens Research Institute

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  • Information Architecture

Changing Women’s Health Forever

The 9-90™ Research Summit — powered by Magee-Womens Research Institute — is an international conference of top scientists, researchers and corporate leaders focused on women’s health. The crown jewel of the event is the Magee Prize — a one-million dollar reward for excellence in women’s health research. “If there were a nobel prize in women’s research, this would be it.”

Top Hat was tabbed with the task of creating a site that beautifully informs users about the conference and the prize, while speaking directly to researchers and attendees.

Making a Publication Interactive

We brought Magee’s quarterly issued magazine to the web, complete with custom functionality on the WordPress CMS that allows web editors to easily and seamlessly change the color palette site-wide for every new issue. Past issues are effortlessly managed in an intuitive archiving system that allows web and print versions to be easily accessed by users in a simple interface.

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