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National Flag Foundation is Flying High in the ‘Burgh

March 9, 2017—the National Flag Foundation celebrated its momentous reintroduction with stakeholders and friends in grand style.

The National Flag Foundation (NFF) is the voice of flag eduction. Its approaching its 50th anniversary with momentum after breaking through several years of dormancy.

2016 for the NFF was a time of reinvention. Through the year, the organization rethought its brand identity, web presence and strategic plan.

A Big Splash in the ‘Burgh

Founded and headquartered in Pittsburgh, the NFF is further solidifying its presence in the community. Not only will it present a more prominent face, but it will also create an iconic tourist destination to further benefit our city.

The NFF and Koppers will be working together on the Koppers Building Exterior Illumination Initiative. This will add our nation’s colors to the top of the building to light up the skyline.

Also in the Koppers Building, the NFF will be setting up a Flag Visitors Center filled with pieces provided by the world’s most noted flag collector—Dr. Peter Keim.

Rendering of concept for the visitor’s center.

Billboard Campaign

The NFF has also established a partnership with Lamar Advertising. This past year they launched a billboard campaign for Martin Luther King Day.

Look out for the NFF in 2017 and Beyond

Look out for the NFF this year as they continue to carry out initiatives, and especially, for our nation’s colors on the Pittsburgh skyline.


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