National Flag Foundation

  • Branding
  • Website design & development

Positioning the National Flag Foundation with a deep-spanning, integrated digital destination.

The National Flag Foundation has been “Raising the Standard” of appreciation, respect and knowledge of the United States Flag since 1968. Its goals are to: encourage understanding and respect for the Flag, highlight the historic and factual as well as the symbolic and emotional aspects of our Flag and make the Flag a more significant part of contemporary culture, conversation and media.

When it came to critically evaluate the central hub of its communication efforts—the website—they partnered with our team to conceptualize and architect a dynamic digital destination.


Our efforts were ultimately dedicated to telling the story of the United States Flag. The Flag is more than just a fabric—it’s a symbol of everything that the United States stands for.

We hallmarked the website with The History of the United States Flag section. This long-spanning feature page allows visitors to take two tracks: the Evolution of the Flag or Moments in Flag History. Both options plunge the user into a visually rich and interactive adventure into history.


In addition to discussing the rich history surrounding the Flag, another goal of the National Flag Foundation was to tap into current events. To do this, we create a story section dedicated to current events surrounding the Flag and National Flag Foundation news.

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