Necromancer Brewing Co.

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It was a matter of time

Since our 2017 “Will Work for Beer” campaign, beer has been our bread and butter. But, an itch to start a brewery only intensified when Ben became a certified Cicerone®, the beer industry equivalent of a sommelier. In 2020, all the pieces came together – the name, the concept, the brewer, the location…and the agency.

A Necromancer is a folkloric character who resurrects the dead. The name was all too natural for a brewery focused on making dead and hard-to-find styles that we love to drink.

With all your power

We love the collaborative back-and-forth effort of client work, but it’s hard not to relish a rare project with every aspect of the creative – beer names, descriptions, artwork, strategy, and beyond – under our purview.

We embraced the macabre with comedic scenes of skeletons and zombies with the free spirit of an agency that knows it won’t be told “no.”

One Hop Wonder

We transformed an unused concept for our flagship IPA and turned it into a whole series of brews. One Hop Wonder is our line of single-hopped IPAs – each replacing a traditional description with complete with its own parody of a one-hit wonder tune. Of course, we also got some guy on Fiverr to bring each of them to life with an actual recording.

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