Noah Gabriel & Co.

  • Branding
  • Website design & development

Noah Gabriel & Co. is Pittsburgh’s home for exquisite fine jewelry.

They are a local, family-owned store and it is their passion to give each customer a personalized shopping experience.

Christopher Sarich, the founder of Noah Gabriel & Co. started his career as a sales associate at a Pittsburgh jewelry chain. He rose through the ranks to become the head of merchandising and marketing departments.

Throughout his career in the industry, Christopher has always loved the moments jewelry creates. He felt honored to be part of his customers’ most important memories. It was this love for creating moments and memories that inspired him to open his own fine jewelry store in Wexford, PA.

When it came to taking this idea and sculpting it into a living, breathing brand, Christopher partnered with our team. Together, we ventured through the branding process and collaborated to create a timeless identity.

Logo Ideation

Final Logo

The goal was to create something more than just a type-based logo. The goal was to create a unique piece of art that would easily and undeniably be identified with the Noah Gabriel & Co. brand.

The essence of a diamond was utilized, incorporating the initials “NG” into the angles.

Compelling Digital Destination

We designed and developed a compelling website integrating and presenting the brand in digital form.

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