The Science Behind Brand Photography

Our world is now a world overrun in stock images. You’ve seen it on billboards. You’ve seen it on websites. You may have even seen it on a family member’s wall, framed like a relative.

Yes, stock images are easy, especially when budget and time are tight. But you shouldn’t be using stock images. Here’s why.

Brand Photography Makes You Look Genuine

When a potential customer visits your website, do they want to see you interacting with real clients or do they want to see random people having conversations in front of a backdrop? The answer to this question is simple. No.

Your online presence should have personality. Visitors don’t want to come to your website and feel like they’re talking to The Wizard of Oz ou know that scene— the one where Dorothy meets the Wizard and he seems scary, but he’s really just a sweet old man behind a curtain). Many businesses appear cold and closed off when there is a lack of relevant visual content. You don’t want to appear unreachable or unauthentic, do you?

They Take Team Photos to the Next Level

It’s always nice to see the names of an organization’s team listed on their website, but it’s always a good idea to take it a step further by creating employee profiles. Team photos not only add to the personal touch we mentioned, but they put a name to the faces. Potential clients want you to be open and honest about your culture. They can’t catch a glimpse of who you are if you don’t let them in.

Get creative with the profiles and have a photographer take unique photos. Brand photography is a great way to showcase the goods.

Potential Customers Can See Themselves Working with You

Whether they decided to use you or not, potential customers are going to wonder where they fit in the picture. Can they see themselves working with you?

When your brand photography includes pictures of you with clients, a potential customer will look at those images and think about their role in the journey that could lead to a working relationship.

Brand photography fills the divide between the impression of being unapproachable to approachable.

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