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3 Pittsburgh Companies with Incredible Websites

Pittsburgh companies with impressive websites that caught our eye.

Website design is a major component in marketing—in fact, it is the central crossroads of all efforts. In today’s communications landscape, the quality of a website can either make or break a sale. A visitor needs to be interested in the content and how it’s displayed.

We’ve evaluated countless Pittsburgh websites for look, feel and user experience. Here are three Pittsburgh companies with websites that caught our eye.

These featured masterpieces are designed well, developed responsibly and are nailing it with content.

1. Draai Laag

We’re are big beer nerds. There’s nothing that gets us more excited (expect for integrated marketing communications—of course) than perfectly crafted libations.

Draai Laag is one of those brands that we could fawn over all day. Their beer is out of this world. Each sip is filled to the brim with swirling notes of flavor. Oh! And did we mention, it’s the only brewery in Pittsburgh that has spontaneous fermentation. Their particular yeast strain is native to Millvale. It’s lovely, really.

What makes us love Draai Laag even more lovely is their website. It’s clean, unique and fits their brand. The attention to detail that went into creating this masterpiece is a testament to the amount of effort that goes into each beer produced in their facilities.

The website provides worthwhile information both about the beers served, but the hours and events surrounding the brewery. It also does so in an incredibly compelling way.


The beer page get’s us all excited. It gives the viewer a detailed description of each beer. You will find what it’s brewed with, attenuation, original gravity, the alcohol content and the inspiration behind each recipe. It acts as a menu and a guide—allowing the visitor to catch a glimpse of the genius behind the magic.

2. Mid-Atlantic Mercantile

Mid-Atlantic Mercantile is a clothing company located on Butler Street in the hip neighborhood of Lawrenceville.

They offer a selection of unique clothing and lifestyle items that are created by independent designers who make it their mission to produce long-lasting pieces. What makes this brand easy on the eyes is the simplistic website and admirable principals. Not only do they conduct ethical and sustainable practices, but they are also committed to nurturing the community of Pittsburgh and whomever walks through their doors.

What is there not to love when browsing through the Mid-Atlantic Mercantile website? It’s clean, simple and showcases the eclectic products that are sold in their store. The colors are minimalistic which in turn directs all of your attention on each individual piece. There’s no fuss made about the larger details making them easy to locate. Important information is clearly on display and invites you into their store to find out more.


3. Smiling Banana Leaf

Smiling Banana Leaf is one of our favorite Thai restaurants in Pittsburgh. Their brand has evolved into a perfect depiction of the atmosphere of their location in addition to the food they serve.

Their website is a true statement to clean and understated. It showcases pictures of some of best dishes, clearly states when they are open for business and their menus—all of the qualities that should be present when a restaurant is trying to evoke excitement and interest from new customers. Everything is organized as it should be and the clean style of each page mirrors the simplicity of the restaurant space.


In all honesty, most restaurants slap a PDF on the website to present their menu. We recommend utilizing a custom template. Smiling Banana Leaf is nailing the menu page.


It’s utilizing a custom template, it’s fully responsive across all devices and it’s easy to read.

How’s Your Website Doing?

Every organization has it’s reasons for not having a good website while other’s are devoted to making their online presence stick with visitors.

Companies take pride in the work and products they produce, so why wouldn’t they take some extra time out of their schedules and set aside money from their budget to develop something that tells a story of passion? We would say it’s worth the time, money and energy.


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