Positive Thinking Won’t Save Your Business—Action Will

Expecting to "build it and they will come?" To attract them "by the law of attraction?" Prepare to go out of business.

When I was in high school, I knew a fellow who told me he had eyes for a special girl. I constantly asked him who the girl was, but it took an entire semester before he finally forked up her name.

It turned out that she was in our class and to the best of my knowledge, they had never interacted or said more than two words to each other. Despite their lack of connection, he was really hopeful that he would eventually win this girl’s affection. I asked him about his plan of action. He informed me that he had the perfect strategy.

He said, “Have you heard of The Secret?” I replied, “Sure! I know all about it.” He went on tell me that if he visualized them together as a couple that magic would happen and that she would fall in love with him.

Months went by and he didn’t speak to her. He continued to visualize them together, but they never went out on a date. They didn’t connect because he didn’t assert himself.

The moral here? Positive thinking isn’t “The Secret” — action is.

If he would have just said hello and started a conversation, he might have had a chance, but instead he decided to wait to see what would happen — relying only on some magical force.

Some People Run Their Businesses on “the Power of Positive Thinking”

You might’ve scoffed at the young man mentioned above, but you know what’s amazing? So many people are running businesses and organizations with the same philosophy.

There are so many companies out there with a marketing budget of $0. A zero commitment to marketing communications.

They have a “build it” and “they will come” mentality. Unless you’re Starbucks, Sheetz or some colossal, beloved brand with all the name recognition in the world, you won’t be bringing home the bacon.

Feel Free to Think Positively, But Take Action

I think there’s something to be said about being positive. Not because it will attract things though. Being positive will influence the actions you take and the way you take them.

The only way to get those new customers is by taking real action.

What’s Action Look Like?

So what does action look like in a marketing communications sense? It’s not throwing thousands of dollars at some unfocused social media campaign.

  • It’s prioritizing your communications efforts by budgeting appropriately (I recommend 10% of total revenue at a minimum).
  • It’s a well-researched, strategic marketing communications plan. One that understands your ideal customers and sets specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-constrained goals. One that then targets those goals by whatever means necessary.
  • It’s bringing in help—either a new team member or a marketing agency—if you don’t have the time or methods.

Go Take Some Action

It’s go time. Want to grow that business? Take some action to make it so.


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