Tazza D’Oro

  • Website design & development
  • Photography

Brand Caffeination

Tazza D’oro introduced Pittsburgh to the latte back in 1999, and the rest is history. Now, with four cafes and a well-earned reputation, they needed a tasteful website to unify their shops, display their menus and share nearly twenty years of enviable coffee expertise.

Four locations with four distinct personalities.
Each with a characteristic style of seating.

Shots & Shots

Beautiful food, ambiance, customers and, of course, coffee were the visual basis for the new website. A series of vibrant photos taken at Tazza’s two campus cafes at Carnegie Mellon University and two neighborhood shops captured the character, bustle and quiet moments.

Lifestyle Reel

Behind the Tazza D’oro counter, there’s always something in motion — espresso is being packed, a hot panini is being slid onto a plate, hot coffee is being poured. Video splashes the home page, capturing moments of the day to day. Illustrated graphics reflect that as visitors scroll down the page.

A Dynamic Website

Tazza’s website is simple yet elegant to hold its story, menus and an active blog kept by owner Amy Enrico.

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