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Top Hat Launches Bowtie — A Custom Graphic Creating Platform

June 23, 2017 — Bowtie is a platform that houses brand-specific, custom-designed graphic templates that take seconds to customize. No need for Illustrator or PhotoShop — work with us to custom design your graphics, we'll build them in Bowtie and you'll pumping out graphics in seconds.

We don’t do social media management. Well, except for sarcastic Tweets. But, we do do social media graphic creation.

The problem we continued running into? Our handcrafted graphics — built with PhotoShop or Illustrator — were difficult for our clients to manage on the fly. Those programs took too steep of a learning curve, or just weren’t worth the time in their busy schedules.

We decided to do something about it.

Brand-Specific, Custom-Made Graphic Templates Managed with Ease

We were tempted to drown you in text here, but seeing is believing. Here’s Bowtie in action,  demonstrated with a real-life client’s (Cycletique) social media graphic templates.

Upon login, you’ll see your organization’s set of graphics.

Building a brand-specific, custom graphic has never been easier.

A graphic with pre-loaded, brand-specific icon options.

Graphics respond dynamically to content.

How It Works–Start to Finish

Setting up is a piece of cake.

  1. Pick the number of graphic templates you’d like easily available. This can be social media, PPC, email headers or other marketing asset graphics.
  2. We’ll custom design some options for you.
  3. Select your options.
  4. We’ll build those options in Bowtie and create your user account.
  5. Then, log in, pick the graphic, customize and export for immediate usage

That was easy.

More Demonstration

Here is Bowtie creating nine custom-templated graphics for Cycletique and the Pittsburgh International Auto Show:



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