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A Special Mark to Celebrate

Trinity Door Systems wanted to create a mark to celebrate an impressive milestone — 30 years in business. After a quick review of their existing logo, we saw an opportunity to cleverly integrate the number 30 without losing the sprit of brand.

A brochure to give employees
pride and laughs

The biggest surprise we had when working with Trinity was the commonalities we share with a thirty-year-old automatic door system company. They work extremely hard and have fun doing it. Their culture is rich with tight relationships and laughter – usually at each other’s expense. In the first few minutes of working with Trinity, their passion for what they do became apparent.

Our project started off as a straight-forward pamphlet with a standard timeline and statistics, but it was too personal to be communicated with some clean typesetting and photography. We came back with a completely transformed concept, complete with a unique folding pattern that simulates opening doors and an over-the-top, illustrative infographic that is full of inside jokes and impressive statistics.

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