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From the gym to the battlefield, fitness has always played a fundamental role in the lives of Veterans and VRB Founders Chase Hobby and Evan Seale. Through their combined experience in the field, they started VRB (VERB) a health and wellness brand specializing in clean CBD products to help working athletes live optimally.

Chase and Evan reached out to Top Hat to give their existing brand a facelift. Their goal was to narrow in on their consumers and create a unified packaging system that would be flexible for future products.

Our first order of business was to make some subtle tweaks to their existing logo that would inspire a new path forward.

Rewind & DEFINE

Once our new logo was locked in, we began to develop visual cues that would influence the rest of the brand. Originally just black and white, we expanded the color palette to include rich hues that balanced feeling inviting, natural, and premium. We replaced the stark contrast of black and white with a deep army green and a soft sand tone to nod to their experience in service. The new type specimens consist of bold, actionable headlines paired with a monospaced font as if receiving a declassified brief.


In addition to a new coat of paint and an updated type library, we created various line patterns to incorporate on the box. The bold, abstract lines support the product name, help divide the space, and lead the consumer’s eye around the box. Silver metallic is used as an additional product identifier that highlights key elements of the dielines.


At VRB, Chase and Evan view their business as a vehicle for supporting the causes they care about. With their proceeds, they humbly give back to adaptive athletes who represent everything good about sport: courage, resilience, tenacity, and passion.

With the updated logo in action, it was time to take the brand in for a landing. We created some final touch points that would make a lasting impression. A small takeaway inside of a custom shipping box gives consumers the opportunity to meet the founders and learn more about VRB’s activism.


With a rebrand in their back pocket, and their recent move to Austin, TX they are now set up to scale the business. Their goal moving forward is to be key players in the CBD space and make an impact in the community.

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