What a WordPress Maintenance Company Does

Have a WordPress website, but don't feel like keeping Plugins, Themes, and Versions up to date? Then a WordPress Maintenance Company is exactly what you need.

WordPress is one of the most competitive platforms to build your website on.

But like anything, it’s going to require maintenance to keep it in good working order.

Why Care About WordPress Site Maintenance?

Because WordPress Websites Need It

WordPress sites are built with Plugins and Themes. Over time, Plugins, Themes, and WordPress itself will inevitably require updates.

If you aren’t monitoring updates regularly, major functionalities on your website could begin failing. Or even worse … someone can do something malicious.

And if your website wasn’t built by us, it’s likely you have more than five Plugins. In fact, according to WP Beginner, your website likely has something like 20-30, which only multiplies your risk over time.

A Lack of Maintenance Can Cause a Loss of Revenue

If you’re like most organizations, you’re relying on your website as a core piece of your marketing communications strategy.

You simply can’t afford to let things go until eventually your website can’t support your business. Again, this could be failing core functionality, or complete downtime.

What Does a WordPress Maintenance Company Do?

We frame the answer to this question in terms of what our service level agreement is to our clients.

As a WordPress Hosting and Caretaking company, we perform several very specific services.

We Host It for Optimal Performance

Our hosting server — provided and managed by best-in-class WP Engine — is built for WordPress websites. The optimized environment maximizes the speed, performance, and service of your website, especially under stress.

We Protect Your Website

Protecting your website starts with removing and replacing risky Plugins.

It continues with keeping your Plugins, Theme, and core version up-to-date at all times.

It’s topped by disabling simple passwords, stopping brute force entry, and backing it up every 12 hours just in case.

We Help You Continue Building Your Website

A core component of our hosting and caretaking services is the caretaking component. Our team is available 24/7 for questions and concerns.

The most unique part of our caretaking services is our capabilities as a full-service design and development company. We can wireframe, design, and develop new functions, features, and pages.

We can even lead your website redesign and redevelopment.

We Host Websites We’ve Built, and Ones We Haven’t

Our services are convenient for websites we design and develop, but are perfect for ones we didn’t.

As long as it’s a WordPress website, we can host it.

Changing to Our Hosting is Easy

We follow a simple process to get things onto our system:

  1. We’ll migrate your website to our server in the background. This doesn’t effect your live site at all.
  2. We’ll quality assure and test your website to make sure everything is in working order.
  3. During a low-traffic time – discovered by analyzing your Google Analytics — we’ll point your domain (ex: to the hosting server.
  4. Done!

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