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clarity for utility workers

Ziptility’s mission is to be the go-to software tool for smaller, rural utilities with limited IT resources. Simple functionality empowers workers in the field to easily log robust, vital data that is instantly shared to the whole team.

Our mission was to create a brand that felt more like a tool than a software. And most importantly, to create a brand that proves Ziptility clearly understands the daily struggles of their customers.

An essential tool

Above all else, we needed to create a look that would resonate with an older, less tech-savvy demographic than your typical tech start up. Photography places the app amongst the most vital tools for a worker in the field. A typical phone mockup was foregone for our own custom take – complete with an outdated phone and a dirty, rugged case.

Clearing the chaos

Custom illustrations had to be comical and relatable, driving home the chaos created by a lack of clear data management and the confidence and ease-of-mind afforded by Ziptility.

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