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A Marketing Agency That Does Its Own Marketing?
Imagine That.

This is the story of how one viral campaign turned Top Hat from a couple of beer lovers into a powerhouse of beer marketing.

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We'd received hundreds of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) over the years. We thought it was about time to send out one of our own.

Will Work for Beer was a call to all craft breweries: we'd do any communications project, in exchange purely for beer, for one brewery.

Interested breweries had to send us a compelling presentation as to why we should select them as our partner, along with specific project details.

The Buzz

Within 24 Hours, Will Work for Beer had been picked up and featured in craft beer magazine Hop Culture. *

*Who later became a client, partner and friend of Top Hat

Within 48 Hours, It was mentioned by AdWeek.

We Received dozens and dozens of pitches from craft breweries in Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington D.C. and even as far away as Brazil ...

Through much deliberation, we ultimately selected Lord Hobo Brewing Company in Woburn, Mass, who was in need of a comprehensive redesign of their website, visual media and positioning to bolster their bold, sophisticated brand.

The young brewery already had distribution in eight states and was en route to being named America's fastest-growing regional brewery of 2017.

Their ambition and growth wowed us, and it didn't hurt that they promptly shipped us a selection of their amazing beers after our first phone call.

Check out the growing family of awesome clients we never would have met without Will Work for Beer.pointer

We've also since continued a great relationship with Lord Hobo (beyond just working for beer!), but the real test of the campaign's success was in its ability to help us meaningfully enter the beer industry.

Awards & Recognition

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6 Awards at the PRSA Pittsburgh Renaissance Awards, Including "best in Show."

award award

2 Silver Anvil Awards, the Oldest and Most Prestigious Awards for PR Campaigns

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